At the Y.A.L.E. School Ellisburg Campus


Making the rounds.

September 2017 begins a new chapter for Y.A.L.E., as the classrooms from our Voorhees location and the Green Tech Activity Lab moved into their fantastic new home at the Evans School, in Evesham Township. Our guys & gals in the Green Tech Activity Lab wasted no time making themselves at home and chipping in around…

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Resistance is futile.

We’re back at it again! This time helping out our long time supporters, Fuzzrocious Pedals.  Ryan got in touch with a job perfect for our students;  and we rose to the challenge, freeing hundreds of electrical parts from their packing tape and cardboard prisons! These components will go into guitar effects pedals used by musicians…

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It’s in the details…

This August, students from Audubon and Ellisburg Autism teamed up for Miss Emily’s annual car wash fundraiser.  For the last few years, Emily has organized a carwash to raise money for an epic “End of ESY BBQ”.  This year, students from Green Tech Activity Lab decided to up the ante, and provide some interior services…

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Everybody’s working for the weekend!

As if the GTAL faithful weren’t big enough rock stars, this fall we’ve decided to take on our biggest job ever!  Seeing an opportunity to give our student’s some “real life” retail experience, we were lucky enough to take over Y.A.L.E. Ellisburg’s Bulldog Bodega!  This school store is available to the Ellisburg students as part…

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Winter is coming….wait no, it’s here.

Alas, it is upon us! The droves of frantic shoppers, the caroling, the sweets, and the dreaded “not enough time to do EVERYTHING that must be done”! Fret not my faithful followers, the elves at Green Tech Activity Lab have you covered! It’s time for our annual holiday wrapping hullabaloo!  Faithfully serving the staff for…

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Great things brewin’ in Pitman!

This fall Green Tech Activity Lab found a new partner in Pitman’s preferred spot to get caffeinated, Endgrain Coffee.  Endgrain has been providing the locals with their morning, afternoon, and evening fix since opening in 2015.  Owner Joe Fultano strives to serve the community by supporting local bike races and other local events with his…

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Frighteningly effective fundraising!

October has proven to be a very busy month around the lab! Along with our normal curriculum and community jobs, we decided to attempt our first Halloween fundraiser! Students assembled and decorated over 80 “smores” treat bags, in order to get a head start on raising money for our annual Spring Fling. Check out some…

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So long Summer, hello school year!

Welcome to another exhilarating year at Y.A.L.E.! Our Green Tech Activity Lab students have hit the ground running in the 2016/2017 school year.  Our guys put their clerical skills to work copying, stuffing, and assembling packets for the Ellisburg back to school night! We also folded, stuffed, and stickered flyers to go home about our upcoming days…

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Green Tech All Stars Make the Cut!

In our ongoing mission to forge community alliances, Green Tech Activity Lab has partnered up with Studio 240, a local hair salon located in Woodbury, New Jersey. Our GTAL students will be providing a weekly laundry service, giving them the opportunity to learn and practice  “real world” vocational skills, in a structured environment.  We hope that this…

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Love Letters from Green Tech Activity Lab!

Since April of last year, Green Tech students have been steadily crafting letter packets, for a local group called “Love Letters for Literacy”. From their website: “Love Letters for Literacy is a service organization that makes kids LOVE LEARNING THE LETTERS OF THE ALPHABET! By providing pre-readers from lower income neighborhoods with packets of handmade letters and…

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