At the Y.A.L.E. School Ellisburg Campus

Great things brewin’ in Pitman!

This fall Green Tech Activity Lab found a new partner in Pitman’s preferred spot to get caffeinated, Endgrain Coffee.  Endgrain has been providing the locals with their morning, afternoon, and evening fix since opening in 2015.  Owner Joe Fultano strives to serve the community by supporting local bike races and other local events with his mobile coffee vehicle. Seeing yet another opportunity to interact with the local community, he has given our Green Tech Activity Lab students the job of hand stamping Endgrain’s coffee sleeves, giving each one a bit of unique character! Make sure to stop by and grab a quick cup, to get a firsthand look at hour handiwork!

img_0997           img_0987

img_0956        img_0088

endgraincoffee        img_0075

gtal • November 17, 2016

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