At the Y.A.L.E. School Ellisburg Campus


Who we are, and what we do….

Students attending the Green Tech Activity Lab, now located at our Ellisburg Campus, are exposed to a varied curriculum that will foster, and help maintain their pre-vocational skills.

While at Green Tech Activity Lab, students will engage in sorting tasks, simple assembly, complex assembly, clerical work, and cleaning activities.  Each student’s experience at GTAL will be tailored to their individual strengths, while offering exposure to a multitude of tasks.  The wide scope of these tasks will provide the students with skills which will prepare them for any future employment opportunity. Experience garnered at the Green Tech Activity Lab facility will also help promote independence, not only in a working environment, but also in the home.

Students will be encouraged and taught to follow a work schedule, and keep their materials organized from session to session.  All lessons and materials are adapted to each student’s skill level, in order to promote a high rate of task success/completion.  The ultimate goal for our students is to promote productivity, independence, and skill generalization.

Currently, students attend the GTAL facility for 90 minute periods. Students are given varied tasks to promote a balanced learning experience.  Students are expected to be productive and on task for the full 90 minutes.  During these work sessions, students can earn edibles, and brief access to highly preferred reinforcers for task completion, and adherence to the GTAL “Rules of Conduct”.

Students earn tokens as they work, which can be cashed in for their favorite snacks or brief access to highly preferred activities.  This token economy serves a twofold purpose.  First, it helps to establish a contingency for having a productive work session.  Another boon found in this token economy, is helping students understand the value of money, and decision making. Edible items have various prices, and students must make decisions based upon the amount of tickets they have earned.

Staff of GTAL will work closely with classroom teachers, in order to provide each student with the balanced pre-vocational experience they need, based on the guidelines set forth in their I.E.P.

Some things we work on…

  • Basic Office Skills
    • Collating Documents
    • Data Entry
    • Making Copies
    • Scanning Documents/Photos
    • Shredding Documents
    • Typing
    • Using Office Tools (Paper cutter, Shredder, Laminator, Three hole punch, Label Maker)
  • Fine Motor Skills
    • Nut & Bolt Assembly
    • Screwdrivers/Screws
    • Threaded Assemblies
  • Following A Schedule
  • Laundry
    • Washing
    • Drying
    • Folding
    • Hanging
  • Lego Education Curriculum
  • Making 1” buttons for organizations/companies/etc.
  • Mobile Work Crew Skills
    • Vacuuming
    • Cleaning Windows
    • Cleaning Surfaces
    • Emptying Trash Cans
  • Simple Assembly Projects
  • Sorting/Collating

The Green Tech Activity Lab is always evolving to fit the needs of each student.  We’ve even started to take on small jobs from the community, in order to practice the skills we work on.  If you have any questions, or have any small jobs that need doing; shredding, sorting, stuffing envelopes, collating things, etc, please feel free to get in touch!

James Gross

856-629-1811 (Ext. 110)